ABI Tape’s ProtectRide™ bike wrap protection is designed to protect and prevent scratches, dents, and paint chipping on bike frames.

Forget costly, constrained bicycle wrap kits. To keep protection options affordable and useful for all types of bikes, ProtectRide™ offers bike frame protectors sold as universal kits, basic shapes, and patch kits. Universal kits provide a variety of shapes designed to fit all kinds of bikes, while shapes and patches work in smaller high-wear scenarios. Below you’ll find our application guide or demo video to help you learn the best way to wrap a bike frame. 

ProtectRide™ bike wrap kits are available in two different finishes: matte and gloss. These options give you the choice to have a smooth matte finish on the frame or give it some shine with the gloss finish.

 Bike wrap protection

Bike Wrap Protection Film

Product Features : 

  • UV and weather resistant.  ​
  • Durable and self-healing.
  • Impact and abrasion resistant. 
  • Easy and fast installation on flat & contoured areas​.
  • Invisible protection in Gloss and Matte finish​es.
  • Available in universal fit, basic and patch kit​s.

Product Packaging : 

The ProtectRide order will be packed into an envelope to prevent any potential damage during transit. We take great care in handling and packaging every order to guarantee that it arrives in pristine condition.

The envelopes are made to fit to your orders.

We prioritize safe and efficient delivery to your doorstep.

Explore the possibilities of ProtectRide’s bike frame wrap , with our broad line of products designed to help you ride with peace of mind. Order now!

Application Guide :