ProtectRide™’s Bike Frame Protection FAQs

What type of bike frame protection film should I choose?

ProtectRide™ bike frame protection film comes in two different finishes: gloss and matte.For frames with a gloss finish, we have the glossy option. Riders with matte frames can choose matte protection. Both types of bike wrap adhere equally well to either finish, so you can choose the type to suit your preference.
ProtectRide™ bike frame protection film is available in universal kits for full bike frame protection and Frame L, M, and S patch kits for high-wear areas. View the different products on our Product page. 


How do I apply bike frame wrap?

ProtectRide™ is designed for fast and easy application. See our Product Application Guide or view the video below to see a live demonstration.


Is the bike protection film durable?

ProtectRide™ bike frame protection film is designed with self-healing properties, which absorb wear and tear to keep your bike protected. Our bike wrap kits have anti-scratch and impact resistance, which minimizes surface damage. It also helps to mend the light scratches and spots when it is in contact with heat (eg., direct sunlight, heat gun, hair dryer, etc). The self-healing properties do not apply once the debris penetrates the film.


How do I remove the bicycle protection film?

Usually, the product will last on a wrapped bike frame for a period of time, not permanently. It may be removed by peeling the film off firmly in 90-120°.

Alternatively to aid removal, you may also use a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the adhesive in helping to detach the film.


What are the items included when you purchase ProtectRide™ bike wrap kits?

ProtectRide™ ’s bike frame protection Universal kit includes ProtectRide™  film protection that covers most of the frame's high impact areas, squeegee, lint-free cloth, and application guide. The Basic package only include ProtectRide™  film protection recommended for the Top tube and Down Tube. Patch kits are for the small or neck areas that may not be covered by the Universal kit. 

The application guide can be found here.


What is the return and refund procedure?

The bicycle wrap kit packaging must be unopened, unused, and in its original packaging when returned. To complete your return, we require the past proof of purchase and reason for return/refund. Please email us at

If the item is verified to be defective or the wrong product, we will provide a one-to-one product exchange.

Order processing timeline?

Orders are processed and handed-over to courier on maximum of 2 days upon receipt during Weekdays only from 8:00 PM to 4:30PM excluding public holidays.