Introducing our innovative solution for easier and effortless protection of your bike frame.

Bike Wrap Protection Film

Have you ever spent hours applying bike wrap protection film to your bike frame, only to end up with bubbles, wrinkles, or an uneven application?

We understand that protecting your investment is important to you. Leveraging our extensive 110 years of experience in the tape industry, we have specialized in producing Automotive protective films that are specifically designed to protect the car during transit from OEM to dealerships for exterior and interior with excellent UV resistant. With our extensive range of ProtectRite® and AutoWrap® products, we are able to offer support to major Automotive global OEMs.

That's why we have developed ProtectRide™, an innovative solution for bike frame protection that addresses the evolving market demands by combining user-friendly features with exceptional performance. With our pre-cut bike wrap kit, you can confidently protect your valuable bike frame and enjoy peace of mind.

Our specially designed bike wrap pre-cut film is not only durable but also easy to apply. With its pre-cut shape and self-adhesive property, all you need to do is peel off from the vinyl and stick it onto your bike frame. No more struggling with scissors or worrying about getting a perfect fit. Our pre-cut film ensures a seamless application every time.

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Our bike protection film is available in gloss and matte. The transparent film allows the original beauty of your bike frame to shine through, giving it a professional and polished look while providing protection against scratches, dents, and chips on your bike frame.

Bike Wrap Protection Film

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our innovative solution. Simplify your life, protect your investment effortlessly – choose our pre-cut bike wrap film today! Click here to order now.

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